POEMS APLENTY A Choice of Verse


POEMS APLENTY A Choice of Verse

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These poems belong to a lot of unknowns. Poetry read, learnt, taught, recalled, reflected, wake poetry up, not just to one kind, but fundamentally. Poems come from the inner valley of the house of this delta zone where they grow up looking identical to other zones they sprout up in. When talents of larger Thanjavur started writing for the Literary Scholars Society (LSS), the idea that they might get published was a fantasy. Nor did their fans boast of any distinct literary pedigree. Though it all still felt like a closed establishment, seeds sprouted on their own count.


As they reflect, they suppose, they on others behalf, always think and pen, pen and think, till the nib turns impatient to perforate the paper. Fantasy rallies with fans! Every stroke of pen, a limper of a line, deserves medal of a note, a short note, at least a three letter SMS! It is said a fig tree watching another bears fruit! Poetic laurel flowers likewise. Every poem says it seems, “Here next is my success, and here I am!”

Despite the profile fixture of the poems here, LSS is keen to stress their involuntary status! “Keep your distance, O, Elite London or Stratford” We too find our Grassmere when Rains lash our Cauvery banks! We are in a world of Zooms! From terraced house to neighbouring galaxy, from Besant Hall to Lawley’s, everything for talents young is a spark plug! They are clouds, they are cuckoos, they are no brows, no high faultin! Prompt, diligent, fearless lifeline with no deadline! All hands are obsessive Smiths! All are spoken words and electronica too!

If poetry be “go anywhere art form,” this Plenty is an out of the blue modus operandi. And a retrospective education, walking round their own homes a few minutes thinking of queue of invites for them to go the way back to Kamban or Elango, Valmeeki or Homer! No critical heffalump traps can scare the mammoth of the thought the LSS explores. “Poems Aplenty” shall come out in series with talents queued up to claim honours, we fervently hope.


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