The Hidden Heroic History of the Upcountry Tamils


The Hidden Heroic History of the Upcountry Tamils

Author: M S Selvaraj

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The Sri Lankan government intended that it would be better to send as many Upcountry Tamils as possible to India to suppress the left-wing uprising in the Upcountry. The Government of India accepted this for various reasons. Sri Lanka is one of the most important countries in South Asia and is strategically placed in the region. The superpowers, especially China and the United States, were interested in extending their influence to Sri Lanka and entrenching themselves in this strategically placed country.


War broke out between India and China in 1962 straining their relationship. India did not want China to establish their hold in the region through a strong tie-up with Sri Lanka. The agreement for the deportation of Upcountry Tamils was put forward by Sri Lanka in this context and was accepted by India. The 1964 agreement was the opposite of what Jawaharlal Nehru really wanted. But political expediency carried the day; India agreed to the proposal. The price to be paid for maintaining a friendly relationship with our neighbour in the name of the national security of India should not have been at the cost of the fundamental rights of a community. But this agreement was of such a nature. The promises of a bright future here that were held out to the Tamil repatriates remains forgotten and their dreams crushed. This is their story.


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